Workshop Instructor Guidelines

How does it work?

As a workshop instructor, you will be taking a half-day classroom style workshop for around 20-25 workshop attendees.

These workshops primarily focus on Apple technologies. It could be any topic related to Apple’s current ecosystem. Please make sure that the topic is deep so that you could stretch it into an half-day session.

First things first. Modularise your topic, create smaller sessions. Each session can be around 15 minutes with a 20 demo if necessary. If you talk more than 15 minutes, you will lose the attendee’s attention.

We want you to give your full attention to attendees. Since there are only 20 attendees, it’s easier for you to give eye-to-eye attention to each attendee.

The workshop should be fully interactive, there is no strict structure to follow. Accommodating the attendees and making them feel comfortable by giving proper content is very important.

We don’t want you to speak swear words to add importance to a specific fact. Since you will be speaking casually, there is a higher chance that you might do this.

Swift India Conference & Our workshops follow a very strict guideline. There are workshop volunteers and they will be watching the behaviors of the workshop instructor and attendees. If they find anything bad, the volunteers will request you to stop doing it.

How should I structure the content of the workshop?

You are allowed to use presentations, small video clips if necessary, Xcode projects, and Xcode playgrounds.

We highly recommend using Xcode playgrounds so that attendees can download these playgrounds and play with it during the workshop.

We also recommend using Xcode projects. If your project includes third-party frameworks, please use Cocoapods. And make sure that /Pods is included in the project directory. So that the attendees don’t have to install Cocoapods if it’s not installed on their system.

This is an example of Xcode playgrounds used in try! Swift India 2017 Swift Guru workshop. Please refer these to get an idea of how it works. And try to put your content together accordingly.

Swift Guru Workshop:

Always, choose the latest version as the minimum deployment target. We don’t want the attendees to face any compiling issues. Downloading and running the project or playgrounds should be very smooth.

Each workshop will have a private Github repository, if you don’t have access to it, please request it from the team. So that you can put together the contents for the workshop. We will make this workshop repository public on the day of the workshop.

You are supposed to complete the workshop materials one month before the conference. Since there are several workshops, we need some time to review the content and give proper feedback on it.

How much time I should take for theory in a session?

15 minutes

How much time I should take for practical or demo in a session?

20 minutes